VOL 1.0

They've arrived...

“... breathtaking” – Kirkus Reviews

Slipshot brings groundbreaking innovation, robust worldbuilding, and an unforgettable, action-packed plot. Welcome to the thrilling kickoff to a fast-paced, high-tech sci-fi adventure that will alter the landscape of your imagination.

Something’s not quite right in San Francisco. Phantom-like machines are crawling through the city streets, laser-wielding combatants are dueling in broad daylight, and people are falling out of black holes in the sky. Even stranger, Frederick, a young college student living in the Tenderloin district, seems to be the only person who can see these outlandish occurrences.

Meanwhile, Opal Fremmity, an extraterrestrial Mechanic Class Slave hailing from the Griddish Realm, has been tasked with carrying out Earth's apocalyptic final dismantlement project. Her home realm is bound to Earth by a powerful technology known as the Slipshot, and her journey to Earth is merely the beginning of a far-reaching project eons in the making. When Frederick meets Opal and learns of his planet’s dark fate, it quickly becomes clear that he may be the only person capable of severing Griddish’s connection to Earth and helping Mechanic Class Slaves like Opal stand up against their oppressors.

Can Frederick find a way to save his planet from destruction, or will Earth share the same demise as the planets that fell before it?

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