A quick color study of all nine characters. 
Top row: Fred, Jill, Rive, Opal, Jeremiah
Bottom Row: Matere, Betel, Matty, Cythia

These illustrations are quick color studies of all nine characters in the Slipshot novel. They were initially used to explore color, saturation, and rim light.

Sketches of betel

Betel Longshrew Piper

These are early concepts of Betel Longshrew Piper. Betel's role in the story is both that of an auspicious council member in Griddish, as well as a rebel who fights against the arrival of the Mechanics and the Vérkatrae on the Vars. This was especially true for Var 7, known by Varlings as Earth.

Rive Amber

Early concepts of Rive Amber after she evolved from being a Mechanic Class Slave to the leader of Griddish Mechanics during the War of Ashen. We won't see this form of Rive Amber until the third book.

Sketches of Rive, head drawing and full body drawing
Sketch of Rive

Rive Amber and Natty Mick

Both Rive and Natty are members of the Mechanic Class Slaves of Griddish. During the war of Ashen, they both evolved to Bestiars, or, warriors who led the War of Ashen against the Engineer Class Citizens and their corrupt Council.

The uniforms incorporate the weaponry of the Bestiars, such as the early versions of the Plaxis Strand.

Matere Songgaard

Many iterations went into developing Matere Songgaard, mostly because his position in Griddish and among the Vars, is ambiguous. Although he is an Engineer Class Citizen, who spent the earlier parts of his life in the Council's Development quarter designing Vars, he later rebels against the technocratically administrative body of Griddish. As such, he is frequently found living on the Vars, where his one goal is to cause as much chaos as possible among invading Vérkatrae and Mechanics.

Sketch of iterations on Matere

Iterations 2/18/2022

Matere can be described as a scientist, a wanderer, and a hacker. As such, he's had to live under many different kinds of conditions. In Slipshot Vol 1, he's the owner of a pizza restaurant for part of the time. Later, we see him wandering the Griddish wilderness, living a solitary life.

Matere is truly a legend in Griddish. Nevertheless, he has managed to pick up quite a few enemies in the process. Some of them, such as Rive Amber, can be quite dangerous.

Sketches of Matere black and white and color version
Sketch of Matere on June 26, 2022

Matere, fully outfitted in post apocalyptic Griddish.

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