The Slipshot

January 24, 2023

Not much is known about the origin of the Slipshot. Which is a bit strange for and ancient society like Griddish. You would think there would be records of how the Slipshot came to be, what its original purpose was, and, ultimately, who created it.

Not everything about the Slipshot is a mystery, however. The problem, really, lies in the Tenddrome.

A darker version of the Slipshot

The Tenddrome is often described as a place where Slaves, or, people we’ve come to know as Mechanics, Bestiars, Admins, Producers, and so on, are interconnected to each other. Each member of this group is a Node in a vast and ancient network of other Nodes.

For that reason, memories of Slaves are what make up the whole of Slipshot history as far as it occurs in Griddish.

But the Tenddrome has evolved over the eons that it’s existed. In fact, it has evolved so much that the original Engineer Class Citizens no longer have direct access to it. The result of an ever evolving Tenddrome is fractured and unreliable data.

Some Slaves describe the experience of ancient Griddish as a series of memories that are not their own. It’s as if they are looking at the world through the eyes of another person. In a way, they are. When Slaves die, it’s thought that they “reinitialize” themselves after they’ve combined their being with other Nodes who reside within the Tenddrome.

The Slipshot, it’s been told, was originally created to bring “civilization” to an otherwise empty universe. Each Slipshot was bound to a world, of which it was the parent. The DNA of those worlds originated in Griddish, and was delivered through the Slipshot. 

But the people of Griddish became greedy.

“Natty shook his head. He wondered where this particular Sleeper Class Vérkatros was being deployed. Not Var 8, most likely, because that was Opal’s assignment, and she oversaw all the Sleeper Classes that were deployed to Var 8. Maybe 7 or 9 or 10,000, or 1,000,000. There were too many Vars to count, too many Slipshots that littered the horizon. “

When did the Slipshot become the ultimate purpose of Griddish? From the start? And what would be its end?

A powerful technology left in the hands of an aging civilization. That combination never ends well.

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